Have you ever wondered that IP addresses can be traced? Yes, it is. Most people think that the ISP tells what is your IP address which is wrong. But the thing is anybody with a little knowledge will know how to view and capture your IP.

The Proxy server

It is a ticket between you and the internet. This is an intermediary server that detaches the end-users from the sites they are visiting. Proxies give unstable levels of security, privacy, and functionality. It will rely on your case and needs.

How does it work?

You can imagine that the proxy server is like a computer on the web. It has its own IP address that your computer identifies. You are sending a request, your web request will go to the proxy server then the server will make the request. It will gather all the responses from the web server and send them on the page. You can look at the web page using your browser.

A Great Proxy site can change your IP. The reason is that the webserver cannot track down your present location. And it can also encrypt your data to be illegible while transferring. Lastly, the proxies can block any access to a certain web page bound by your IP address.

What is the meaning of ISP?

The ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. It is a company that gives individuals and companies internet access and services.  Such as website building and virtual hosting. The data can be broadcast by having different technologies. It can be a cable modem, wireless or high-speed interconnects.

It is also stated that online service providers and the IAPs. You need a cable company or other companies that give the necessary hardware to link to the internet.

What is other information about ISPs?

Regardless of the security protections and privacy that you take. Someone can see everything that you do online is your ISP.

ISP can trail things like the sites you are visiting, how many hours you are spending on it. What device you are using, passwords, emails, download history, and more. No matter where you are, this information can be useful to different causes. It contains making a customer profile for imposing. It can be any web censorship of the government or selling it to third-party ad companies.

This is why you use proxy servers. Regardless of what you are doing online once you don’t encrypt your web traffic. The ISP can see everything you do.