Selecting the right shower tap is essential if you are planning on a project for an indoor or outdoor shower. The water pressure in the shower is controlled by the shower tap. For this project, you need to make sure that you choose the right one from many shower mixer taps. Read this guide to get some information to help you make your decisions.

Types of Shower Mixer Taps

Shower mixer taps come in three varieties – mechanical, thermostatic, or double-handle models. You must look into these options before you decide which to install in your bathroom.

  • Double-handle Shower Mixer. This comes with two handles – one for the flow of cold water, the other for hot water. This is not a popular choice since you will need more time to figure out how to obtain the right water temperature.
  • Single-handle Mechanical Mixer. This type of shower mixer tap has a single lever or knob. This is used to control both hot and cold water on one axis. It controls the flow of water on another axis. This is a popular choice as it is easier to control than the double-handed shower mixer.
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve. This is the most popular shower mixer tap. This is equipped with two controls – one regulates the water flow and the other is for the temperature. Achieving the desired water temperature is much easier. It can also be set and maintained.

With this type of shower mixer tap, the temperature is limited to a certain degree. The anti-scald system will automatically cut the hot water in case the cold supply shuts down. This can prevent the risk of burns. That is why this is much preferred by many with children and elderly in the family. , which is especially important for children.

Shower Water Mixer Installation Options

A shower mixer tap can be installed in a variety of ways. The two most popular are wall-mounted and built-in installations. They are much preferred since they are space savers. Other options are countertop, floor-mounted, and free-standing installations. What you choose can greatly affect the performance of the shower itself.

Make sure that you choose the right shower water mixer.  This is an important decision to make especially when you are planning to upgrade your bathroom shower. Look into your options to ensure that you pick the right configuration based on your layout and preference.